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What Are the Ayurveda Doshas? Vata, Kapha, and Pitta

Ayurvedic remedies are based on the fact that world is made of five elements namely Space (Akash), Water(Jala), Earth(Prithvi), Fire(Teja) and Air(Vayu).

The combination of each element result in three doshas .Each person has unique ratio of each doshas were one stand out more than other like one person can be mostly pitta ,the other may be mostly Vata.

 Hence the health is determined by the balance of the doshas.

Now let us understand each doshas-


Vata is classified in two elements Air and Space. Vata represent cold, dry, rough and light ,and hence the person with Vata doshas are identified with slim body type ,energetic and creative mindset but are easily distracted Moreover there mood depends on weather ,people surrounding and food they eat.

Positives:  They are quick learner, very creative, multi-tasker, kind hearted and flexible

Negatives:  They are anxious, moody sensitive to cold ,have irregular appetite and hence suffer from digestive issues

Advice from Ayurveda:

A vata dominant person should necessarily follow routine. Meditation is vital for them in order to keep calm and manage stress. They should avoid cold temperatures and consume warm food mostly.


Kapha personality has two dominant feature earth and water. Kapha is characterized by stability, steadiness, cold and soft nature. Spring is parallelized with Kapha were the world is slowly coming out of hibernation.

Positives: They are empathetic, strong, caring and thick- boned. They act as a support system to others. They are very patient and think many times before acting. They also have healthy immune system

Negatives:  They prone to gain weight, has habit of over-sleeping. Has high risk of heart diseases and can have breathing issue. They need to be kept motivated and encouraged regularly otherwise can go into depression.

Advice from Ayurveda:

Kapha dominant individuals should focus on regular workout. They should try to focus on keeping body warm by eating warm food and or sitting in sauna also should maintain regular sleep routine.


Pitta dominant individual are stubborn by nature. Pitta is characterized by fire and water. The Pitta dosha individual is very sharp. Summer is Pitta season, known for hot days. These individual have muscular build up and athletic body type , they are leaders and are highly motivated and target oriented moreover are competitive by nature.

Positives:  The Pitta personality is characterized with intelligence, quick learner, and self-determined, natural leader. They have healthy skin and hair and have good metabolism.

Negatives: They are impatient, always hungry and easily pick up fight. They are prone to acne and inflammation, also are very sensitive towards hot temperature.

Weaknesses: impatient, prone to conflict, always hungry, mood swings when hungry, prone to acne and inflammation, sensitive to hot temperatures

Advice from Ayurveda:

Individuals with Pitta dominance should focus on work-life balance and avoid spicy and hot weather.

Some last words

Although, every individual has unique constitution and they do fall in one of the above Dosha. So, identify your constitution and learn to live on it .There are recommended food, exercises, Yoga and lifestyle habits to balance. We at Vodadra also will help you to balance the dosha.

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