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Ways To Lower Blood Pressure


According to Ayurveda , low blood pressure is Vata disorder i.e vitiation of Vata and weakness of Agni. it is called as Hypotension in which the blood pressure of person is lower than the normal value of 120/80 mmHg

Let us discuss as to how we can find if someone is suffering from low blood pressure

Symptoms of Low blood pressure:

  1. Lack of concentration
  2. Weakness
  3. Laziness
  4. Dizziness
  5. Getting tired easily
  6. Fainting
  7. Nausea
  8. Fatigue

Lifestyle Changes for Low BP

  1. Eat your meals in small portions : As it will reduce the gap between each meal and you tend to feel filled with right nutrients
  2. Increase salt intake : Salt contains sodium and sodium intake can help to raise the blood pressure
  3. Wear compression stocking: It reduces the blood to constrict in lower legs and helps to distribute it throughout the body , also helps in pain arising from varicose veins
  4. Don’t start moving around quickly : Sudden movements taken rapidly can cause dizziness and makes you lightheaded
  5. Avoid alcohol : Alcohol causes the blood pressure to fall
  6. Stay hydrated : Water increases volume of blood  and reduces the dehydration ,both of it can help to increase the blood pressure

Diet Plan for Low BP

  1. Have coffee with your meals : Any caffeinated drink can increase the blood pressure
  2. Eat complex carbs with every meal you take : Complex carbohydrate such as Oat, whole wheat bread, barley etc can help to increase the blood pressure
  3. Drink carrot and beetroot juice : It helps in regulating the heart and kidney function and Beetroot is an antidote to help stabilize the blood pressure

Herbs for Low BP

  1. Tulsi: Also known as holy Basil , sweet basil is high in Eugenol which may help reduce blood pressure by acting as a natural calcium channel blocker which prevents calcium movement towards heart and thereby making space for blood vessels to relax.
  2. Rasonam: Also known as Garlic is carminative, stimulant and rejuvenative. It helps in improving blood circulation
  3. Manjistha: It has anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-microbial and anti-cancer properties. The stems and roots has have blood purifying properties.
  4. Liquorice: It helps to block the enzyme that breaks down cortisol ,as low cortisol level causes low blood pressure.
  5. Raisins: They are also a good source of antioxidant that helps to alter the biochemistry of blood vessels, causing them to be less stiff and helps in lower blood pressure, also it Is rich in potassium which is the root cause of low blood pressure.

These Herbs helps us to improve the blood pressure and thereby aids to naturally heal the body. We at Ayurzon also offer:

  1. Himalaya Tulsi Tablet
  2. Dhootapapeshwar Arjunarishta

These medicines contain many such herbs mixed and blended in appropriate proportion so that you get the package of herb in one easily and with right direction so to accelerate the whole healing process.

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