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Hairfall Causes And Remedies


Hair Fall is something we all experience in our daily lives. It is completely natural to lose upto 50-100 hair strands in a day, but excessive hair loss that is more than the normal amount can cause bald spots and have an impact on one’s self confidence. Before we jump into natural home remedies lets understand the causes of excessive hair fall.

Here are 7 Common Reasons behind your Hair Loss:

  1. Excessive stress or illness : If you have been stressing out lately or are not feeling well then it might arrest the hair growth which in turn might result in hair loss. This process is also known as telogen effluvium.
  2. You’re getting too much Vitamin A: You are taking more than 5000 International Unit (IU) of Vitamin A. According to research and studies the daily consumption of Vitamin A shouldn’t be more than 5000 IU in people above 4 years old. Your normal Vitamin A supplement contains anywhere between 2500 to 10000 IU.
  3. Less Protein: When you aren’t consuming an adequate amount of protein in your diet than it can lead to hair loss. Protein consumption is a must for healthy and strong hair.
  4. Iron Deficiency: Low iron levels and anemia can cause hair loss along with tiredness, fatigue and other symptoms like shortness of breath. (Natural Iron Supplement: Aimil Amyron Syrup)
  5. Thyroid: If you have a thyroid issue then one of the symptoms can be hair loss along with other hair related issues like missing or thinning eyebrows.
  6. Over Styling: Excessive heating and different hair treatments can cause damage and stress on the hair resulting in hair loss over the years.
  7. Aging: It is common in women in their 40s and 50s to lose hair as they go through menopause and experience change in their hormones. 

If it is hard for you to relate with any of the above reasons then the hair fall might be due to the chemical shampoos and conditioner or other styling products you use. 

Here are 7 harmful Chemicals you need to avoid in your hair product that can cause Hair fall: 

  1. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: It is used in many commercial shampoos to strip away dirt, oil and other impurities from your hair. These qualities sound good in a hair shampoo, doesn’t it? But what if we told you that it is the same chemical used in dishwashers, paint removers and detergens. Imagine washing your hair with the same chemical you wash your dishes with. This chemical degenerates the protein and cell membranes in your hair making them weak and not only but it also strips away all the oil from your hair that includes the good oil which is needed to keep your scalp moisturized. Another reason you get dry and lifeless hair after using a commercialized shampoo.
  2. Parabens: This is the most popular chemical used in hair products to keep the bacteria at bay and for a long long shelf life, but it can cause irritation in the scalp. It also mimics the hormones which leads to hormonal imbalance resulting in mood swings, tumors and hair loss. 
  3. Propylene Glycol: This chemical is found in conditioners to smoothen the hair, but according to the Environmental Working group it is a hazardous chemical that can cause skin irritability and organ toxicity.
  4. Diethanolamine: Also Known as DEA is a harmful chemical used in the textile and agricultural industry for its lather forming properties. Unfortunately this chemical is used for the same purpose in most of the shampoos and conditioners and can cause skin irritability and should totally be avoided for healthy and happy scalp and hair.
  5. Chemical Fragrance: The perfume or fragrance that is used to artificially give the smell to the hair care products can cause hormonal imbalance and itching resulting in hair loss. 
  6. Imidazolidinyl Urea: This chemical is used as an industrial disinfectant, and in funeral homes. Alarmingly most hair products have the same chemical present to prolong the shelf life. This chemical doesn’t only cause hair loss and irritability but is linked with different types of cancer too. 
  7. Sodium Chloride: Also known as table salt seems pretty harmless and is used in hair products to thicken the lather, but step back and remember the last time you went to the beach and got your hair soaked in the salt water. If you don’t remember how your hair felt we can tell you that they probably got really dry and you had to wash them off with normal water real quick. This is because salt contains a drying effect that can cause dry hair strands more prone to breakage. 

5 Remedies To Treat Hair Fall

  1. Egg Masks

Eggs are rich in protein along with sulphur, phosphorus, selenium, zinc and iodine. These are important for hair growth. 

  • Take an egg and separate the egg white in a different bowl
  • Add one spoon olive oil and honey along with the egg white
  • Mix them well and apply from the roots to the tips
  • Let it stay for 20 mins 
  • Wash it Off with a herbal shampoo
  1. Massage 

Massage your hair with oil before shampooing or going to bed. It is a good way to unwind the day and it helps in blood circulation that promotes hair growth. Additional benefit of getting a head massage is getting rid of the stress and tension. 

(For best results use: Folistrong Hair Oil)

  1. Amla Hair Mask

Amla is a natural elixir, it has thousands of properties and it restores hair health, shine and strength. 

  • Take one Tbsp of Amla Powder.
  • Mix it with a few drops of Lime Juice
  • Make a thick paste and apply it on your hair roots and strands
  • Let it sit for 40 mins 
  • Rinse it off with a  herbal shampoo

(For best result wash your hair with: Nourish anti hairfall Shampoo)

  1. Use Wide Wooden Combs

When you brush your wet hair with a normal comb they are more prone to breakage. Use a wide toothed hair wooden comb which reduces the chance of hair breakage

  1. Curd Hair Mask 
  • Take two tbsp of curd.
  • Mix it with one tbsp of honey.
  • Apply it on hair and let it sit for 40 mins.
  • Wash it off with normal water 

(For best result apply it once a week)

Remember that the more chemical products you use to treat your hair the worse the hair health will get. Some chemical products only provide a temporary fix instead try using home remedies and herbal products. To get more herbal remedies subscribe to our newsletter. 

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  1. People have no clue that scalp therapy shampoos for fast hair growth (of course with no sulfates, no parabens and no DEA) even exist. Individuals can now attain longer hair and possess more alternatives. Certainly worth checking out.

    Whether you’re addressing alopecia, hair damage, preventing skin disorders, fast hair growth, hair health in general, similar rules become relevant.

    In most cases, you will want to stay away from hair treatments and products that use chemicals such as parabens, DEA or sulfates.

    What is healthy for your hair is healthy for your skin as well.

    Obviously your content on this page is spot on for so many reasons. It stays away from the accustomed traps and traps too many fall into- buying defective alternatives. Thank you so much!

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