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Benefits of Triphala


How about knowing a magical remedy that helps against infections, aids in weight loss and at the same time maintains your stomach health? Yes that’s possible; here I am talking about TRIPHALA

Let me tell you how this magical remedy work 

You must have seen when we put our clothes in detergent; slowly it washes off dirt, in the same way Triphala washes off toxins and pushes it out of the body this process is detoxification.

Now look at another scenario , when potatoes are peeled and kept for a few minutes, it changes colors from white to pale yellow but when we peel the skin again the same white color comes, the same is the case with skin. Triphala peels the dead skin and pushes the healthy skin.

Triphala is an ayurvedic herbal rasayana. As the name suggest Tri means three and Phala means fruit 

Composition of  TRIPHALA

Triphala is a mixture of three equal parts of Amalaki , Bibhitaki and Haritaki 

Amalaki : 

Amlaki is the same as Amla or gooseberry, tastes little sweet with bitter and pungent secondary tastes. 

Benefits of AMLA

  • It is primary source of Vitamin C which boosts your immunity and is natural antioxidant, 
  • Work as anti ageing agent for your skin, hair and vision as it prevent breakdown of collagen which is responsible for structuring of skin and strengthening of bones
  • It  also has anti-inflammatory effects ,inflation is major cause of heart diseases
  • It has antiplatelet properties prevent the formation of blood clots, which is main reason of  heart attack or stroke 

Bibhitaki :

The word Bibhitaki is made up of  two words, where ‘Bibhita’ means ‘lack of fear’ and ‘ki’ denotes the ‘fruit’. Hence as the name suggests ‘the fruit which removes fear of diseases’ . Along with Vitamin C it contains proteins, and minerals

Benefits of BHIBHITAKI

  • It contains antioxidants , provide relief in  fever, cough),
  • Treats indigestion, provide relief in burning sensation and stimulates appetite
  • Treats difficulty in breathing, also purifies blood and escalates healing of wounds),
  • Helps to improve blood sugar level 
  • Like AMLA , it also provided anti- inflammatory effects

Haritaki :

It is also called hog plum or walnut of India. It is essentially used to support the Vata dosha like anxiety, asthma, heart disease, skin problems, and rheumatoid arthritis

Benefits of HARITAKI

  • Helps to prevent diabetes by reducing breakdown of Starch into glucose ,  by reducing glucose levels in the blood , the diabetes is controlled
  • It helps to boost stamina and sexual health by reducing the stress and anxiety and also stimulate the hormones
  • It helps in a number of eye problems like dry and watery eyes, inflamed eyes, infection and also conjunctive eyes. 
  • For the skin it serves as natural toner and removes the toxins from internal layer
  • Also helps in treating obesity 


Triphala is a polyherbal  (have more than one herb) medicine, relatively it has properties to support three doshas namely vata (energy of movement), pitta (energy of digestion), and kapha (the energy of lubrication and structure).

The three elements in Triphala work for healing and balancing of three doshas of the body. So as I said in the beginning it works magically to make you healthy at the core. So the magic waits for you.

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