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Ancient Secret to Get Glowing Skin

Our Skin is the largest and one of the most vital organs of our body. In the socially conscious world, skin care has become an increasingly important subject. People want their skin to glow, look young, look fresh, slow or stop ageing.

We are slowly but surely becoming aware of the harmful chemicals present in many of the skin care products we use on a regular basis. It is time we learn how we can abandon these chemicals.

The most obvious way to become Free from chemicals in your skin care products is to use Herbal, Ayurvedic or naturally made products. Now this is easier said than done. While there is a huge variety of products available out there, it is equally confusing to choose what is the best for you.

Ayurzon is here to solve this problem. Our team comprises Ayurveda Enthusiasts with Dr. Riddhish Padiya (PhD) as one of our co-founders. We have made it our mission to increase the awareness of ayurved and herbal products. We are here to make the switching from chemical based products to herbal products an easy and informed experience. 

And so we are bringing you the knowledge of Shata Dhauta Ghruta – An Ancient Secret to Glow Naturally & Defy Ageing. 

According to wikipedia, Shata Dhauta Ghruta is a sanskrit word which means 100 times washed ghee. It is an ancient recipe of pure organic ghee and made in a traditional system. You might be knowing the benefits of ghee, which does not need any explanation. Ghee is already established in skin moisturizers , anti-wrinkle, repair system and nourishment effect. This cream has Vitamin A, vitamin C, beta carotene, fatty acids and other skin beneficiary minerals.


It is an ancient ayurvedic formulation of washing ghee 100 times with water in a copper vessel. Most Ayurvedic or herbal product manufacturers follow the classical methods of making this magical cream and follow the prime principle formulation so the people could benefit from this natural ayurvedic product. This is an O/W/O emulsion cream that provides deep penetration to all the layers of the skin, moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin. The same formula has been used from centuries as per Ayurvedic books of medicine. However, our world went a bit too fancy in the last few years.

We are glad that people are now becoming more aware and are wanting to switch back to the basics. Choose Shata Dhauta Ghruta if you are a person who wants to maintain naturally glowing skin that looks young and fresh.

While you choose this magical product, ensure that it does not contain any of the following :

What to avoid
Artificial Fragrances
Type of Ghee used
Any unknown additives
SLS / Parabens etc

The Real Shata Dhauta Ghruta has nothing but Ghee Washed 100 times with Water and a bit of rose water to give the natural fragrance. 


Harmful and chemical added products give you a signal that you need to change your skincare game. This organic product is the answer to your problem. This cream is 100% chemical free with no preservatives and has its benefits which can be used as a multi purpose arial factor to help get rid of stretch marks, diaper rashes or any kind of scratches on skin. It can also be used as an ayurvedic moisturizer on a daily basis.

                     Ingredients: Ghee and Rose Extract

                     Quantity: 20gms x 3unit

                    Benefits:  1. Provides nourishment 

                                    2. Helps in repairing the skin.

                                    3. Moisturizes all the seven layers of skin and gives

                                    4. Gives a smooth effect.

                     Age/Skin Type: Recommended for all. Suitable for all Skin Types including Infants.

                     Direction to use: After washing your face with a mild cleanser,

                                                  put a dot of the product to different parts of 

                                                  your face and massage it gently in a circular



Dermatologists say that applying your skin care products in a proper order ensures that your skin receives the full benefits of each product. Here is a basic step by step guide:

  • Cleanser or a Face wash
  • Toner
  • Eye cream 
  • Moisturizer &
  • Sunscreen. 

We’ve aimed to make the product harmless and more beneficial to satisfy your needs. While you cannot hold on to your age you can surely slow down the loss of glow from your skin. There are some primary tips you can follow to make your skin glow naturally.

  1.  Drink more water.
  2.  Use coconut oil and aloe vera.
  3.  Eat healthy, avoid oily food and junk as much as you can.
  4. Exercise.
  5. Reduce stress
  6. Get enough sleep

This product is available on Amazon and our website. Since you’ve read up till this we’ll provide you a discount of 15%.

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Is it completely natural ?

Yes, it is completely made of natural ingredients and is pure organic.

What kind of fragrance does this cream have ?

It has a very pleasant fragrance because it’s washed 100 times with rose water as well there’s no artificial fragrance added.

Is it helpful for acne and face spots ?

It helps to clear acne, face spots as well as pigmentation.

What are the effects of consuming this cream ?

Regular application of this cream will help moisturize your skin. It will also heal and rejuvenate your skin cells.

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