Ayurzon is a holistic wellness community based in Vadodara, Gujarat promising to improve health through Ayurvedic fundamentals.
Everyone can consult with our ayurvedic doctor free, dietician & nutritionist to improve their health and find treatment for diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, gut health, PCOD, anorexia, arthritis and many more.

Meditation, Therapeutic Yoga, Nutrition & Diet and Ayurveda all under one roof where our members can access all the services for free for a whole year at our centre or through a mobile app from the comfort of their homes. 

Members can consult with an ayurvedic doctor, dietician & nutritionist to improve their health and find treatment for diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, gut health, PCOD, anorexia, arthritis and many more. 

Members can also take advantage of free yoga sessions, meditation classes, expert talks on health, free health food recipes and a lot more. 

Our online, offline stores & ayurvedic pharmacy also offer ayurvedic medicines, herbal supplements, Nutritional products, special products for diabetics, organic food, vegetables,  healthy snacks, organic jaggery, cold press oils etc. with free home delivery across Gujarat. 

For these fabulous benefits, all you have to do is subscribe to one single plan. It’s that simple. 

Call us and talk to one of our experts who will give you detailed information and a power packed list of benefits. 

We are on a mission to make India Healthy and we call this mission #RogRoko

Bringing the best ayurvedic products to the people to improve their health and wellness. Ayurzon is also building a community of ayurved enthusiasts to come together and share experiences, knowledge and reviews about greatness of ayurved.

To integrate Ayurved in the lives of every individual by developing an Ayurvedic way of life.  We want to encourage a holistic approach to health, which understands the individual as a complex combination of elements capable of being brought into harmony by healing one’s body the natural way making every body function operate at their optimum.

Our mission is to make people aware of the best Ayurvedic medicines, herbs and products in the market through research, testing and analysis aiming to bring affordable Ayurvedic healthcare of highest standards that is suitable for all. 

We aim to contribute to our country’s mission to promote Ayurveda globally taking India’s own medicine system to the world.

Purpose : Spread Ayurved Knowledge and contribute to good health, wellbeing and happiness of people across the globe.

Marketing Policy – Truth, Honesty, Transparency and free from Fear Based Marketing. Our marketing policy will maintain all communication that spreads positivity and wellness. We are against playing with fear psychology, creating fake urgency or capitalising on FOMO.

Company Culture

At ayurzon we want to create a culture where our future team actually enjoys work. A culture where they have clutter free clarity, clear & well planned goals. We want to work with well designed processes so that we have more free time on hand where our team can learn, up-skill, improve their health and overall well being.

We do not want to set any strict t&c, policies and lock people into a closed environment. We want to set an open culture with max freedom that ignites innovation in everything we do and it also aligns with our company’s vision to promote good health, wellbeing and happiness.